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Photo of art on the side of a building that says bad shoes, bad life

40 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

One of my favorite blog posts of all time is Kevin Kelly's 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice. Kelly is a wonderful futurist and thinker and for his 68th birthday he posted his "advice to the young ‘uns."...

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Image that says Rest in Peace Simple

RIP Simple. Why do the best designed products still die?

I got news today that my bank, Simple, would be shutting down their service. Simple Bank is the design-forward, startup bank inside of BBVA Compass, a large international financial services...

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Photo of iPhone screens showing untrusted shortcuts flow

Running Untrusted Siri Shortcuts

I want to download this Siri Shortcut but I can't add it because it says it's "Untrusted" and I don't know how to make it run. Help!...

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Photo of iPhone screens showing a floating action button in use

It's Time for iOS Developers to Embrace the FAB

I’ve always found Apple’s iOS User Interface ethos a bit odd. When you read Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines, it feels sparse. The HIG is supposed to be...

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Photo of a picture frame with a QR code in it

Connect Guests to Your Wifi with a QR Code

I love it when you find a small way to use technology to make something mundane a bit easier. Inputting a wifi password is a tiny annoyance that we’ve all had to deal now for quite a while...

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Photo of Apple Watch showing apps using 2FA codes

Quick and easy two-factor authentication codes on your wrist with Authy

We’re living in an increasingly nebulous and complicated world of digital security. There are few hard rules and there is always a struggle to balance security and convenience. Two-factor authentication (short hand: 2FA) adds...

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Screenshot of an iPad showing the Shortcuts app

Using RegEx to create a "Saved Quotes" Shortcut

I love collecting quotes. Collecting them is kinda corny and maybe overly earnest, but some of the most important shifts in my life have come because of a quote I heard on a podcast, and interview, or in a sermon...

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Initial Commit

There’s a phrase in software development when you’re starting a new project you push what’s called your “initial commit” to a repository. It’s usually just getting a project setup...

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