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Hi, 👋🏻  I’m Brad and I’m a Design Engineer from Chicago, IL.

I love Design Systems & the Jamstack.
I’m a Siri Shortcuts enthusiast.
Each year I take around 50k+ photos.


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Product Designer @ Nielsen

My work at Nielsen involves focus on creating, organizing, and implementing user interface elements of Nielsen's design system. It's exciting to craft designs that serve our design team, our development teams, and the business as a whole.


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Board Member @ Open Arms Ministry

Since 2018, I've been on the board of a homelessness non-profit, Open Arms, focused on improving our internal systems and IT. It's been a great opportunity to learn how to blend code and no-code solutions to create more effective operations. I'm honored to have been given the responsibility to help support the community with my technical skills and gifts.


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Logo for ColorJar
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