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Hi, 👋🏻  I’m Brad and I’m a UI/UX Designer from Chicago, IL.

I love front-end development.
I’m a Siri Shortcuts enthusiast.
Each year I take around 50k+ photos.


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UI/UX Designer @ Earlybird Software

Since 2013, I've been the UI/UX Designer at Earlybird, a cloud computing agency focused on building smarter business operations. I've helped design and build web and mobile apps that support internal processes and customer dashboards. I create the flows, designs, and develop the web front-ends for our products.


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Board Member @ Open Arms Ministry

Since 2018, I've been on the board of a homelessness non-profit, Open Arms, focused on improving our internal systems and IT. It's been a great opportunity to learn how to blend code and no-code solutions to create more effective operations. I'm honored to have been given the responsibility to help support the community with my technical skills and gifts.


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