I promise this won’t be in the third person. 😉

Hi, I'm Brad. I'm a UI/UX designer experienced in designing web apps, mobile apps, and a bit of front-end web development. I live in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago with my daughter Lydia.

I value elegance, clarity, and efficiency in design. I always strive to consider the user's needs and to elegantly serve them. I love working with people who are serious about creating beautiful and meaningful work.

Since 2018, I've been on the board of a homelessness non-profit, Open Arms. My work focuses on improving internal systems, being our secretary, and IT. It's been an honor to serve my community with my technology skills.

Each year I take around 25,000 photos. I want to learn two languages in the coming years: JavaScript and Spanish. I drink a little bit too much Diet Coke—but I’m working on it.

Currently I'm Into:

Design Systems      Jamstack     Siri Shortcuts     iPadOS     AirTable     The Ringer     Relay FM     Do By Friday     Letterboxd     Instant film     Chicago Bears     Chelsea FC    

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