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Open Arms Rebrand & Site Redesign

Since 2018 I've been on the board of a nonprofit that serves homeless and underfed people in Chicago. I've been able to help with the technology and internal systems to make the organization run better. One of the projects that most needed updated was the website. As I started redesigning the site, I decided the logo needed a bit of a cleanup too. The old logo had a pea-soup-like green that was not very much fun to design with. I cleaned the colors up and made them a bit more modern and chose a more balanced typeface to compliment the icon.

To create the website I decided to use a no-code tool called Webflow which has gained a lot of popularity recently. It's a wonderful tool and it's notoriety is well deserved. Once I found this tool it was clear to me that I wouldn't be creating anymore websites with Wordpress. Webflow is a much better tool and the process for creating sites is quicker and more enjoyable.

Live Site ➡️

New logo mockup for Open Arms MinistryUpdated logo and branding for Open Arms MinistryScreenshot of the Open Arms Ministry website redesignScreenshot of the Open Arms Ministry website redesign