Design Portfolio Piece


Everyone needs a side project. They give us a way to use our skills in a free and focused way and they usually come out of some sort of frustration. Saving bookmarks is one of my frustrations. Keeping URLs around to be referenced or reviewed or read at a later date is a way bigger design problem than we realize. That's why everyone has so many tabs open on their browsers. Bookmarker was a minimalist way of tackling that problem. It's an MVP, but it does the job. I use it every day, and there are certainly things I'd like to improve on it, but overall I'm just proud to put make something and put it out in the world—even if I'm the only one who uses it.

Screenshot of the landing page for BookmarkerScreenshot of the sign up screen for BookmarkerScreenshot of the pricing screen for BookmarkerScreenshot of editing a linkScreenshot of the user settings page