Initial Commit


“The easiest thing to do on earth is to not write.”

- William Goldman

There’s a phrase in software development when you’re starting a new project you push what’s called your “initial commit” to a repository. It’s usually just getting a project setup. It could be hundreds of lines of code or one simple line. It’s the fresh start, the birth of something new. I’m trying that same thing here. This is my initial commit. I’ve never blogged in any meaningful way. I’ve never really written anything with any consistency. The only reason why I’ve decided to do this is that I have the belief (maybe arrogantly) that I have some things inside of me I want to share with people that are important. I look at myself and I think about where I’m at and all of the people, resources, time, attention, and just plain hard work that I’ve stood on the shoulders of—and I want to use my words to join in the chorus of those voices. I’ve read countless blogs that have reviewed camera lenses, or a talked about a new task management app, or explained a part of software development that I’d never understood, and I’ve never given back in any sustained way. That shouldn’t be the case. I need to contribute back to the internet, which has given me so much.

My desire is to create something that will clarify and demystify productivity and technology in ways that have been impactful to me. I want to make both of us better. I won’t lie to you. I won’t try and sell you anything. I simply want anyone who reads my words to be a little better at doing their work and to be more in control of technology. It’s likely that I’m not a very good writer. I will do my best to get better and to be as clear as I possibly can. And I’ll try and be as consistent as I can be too. Writing is tough though. I’m sure of that.

I started this post with a William Goldman quote about not writing. I’ll do my best to not, not write. Thanks for making it this far. I’ll do my best to make this worth your time.