Design Portfolio Piece:


Tribe is the a new way to solve an old problem—task and project management. There are thousands of ways to solve the problem, because it will forever be a problem that needs solving. Things is my favorite task manager to use personally, but Tribe is quickly becoming something I can see my team at work adopting. When I met the founder Sam, the system was a digital version of sticky notes on a whiteboard, but has evolved to be much more than that. For power users, there is still the whiteboard like views, but for novice users who usually spend most of their day their email as a task manager, Tribe now manages that for you in a streamlined, simple way. Love this work, it's the kind of thing that has the potential to make people's lives better and get a whole lot of stuff done.

Tribe was unfortunately bought, sold, and shut down a couple of years back. 🙁

iOS Screen mockup of Tribe iOS Screen mockup of Tribe

Screenshot of a web app mockup of Tribe

Screenshot of a website landing page mockup of Tribe