Design Portfolio Piece

Proposal Flyer

How do I even begin to explain this flyer? Well, first off, it was totally a roose. At the time of this flyer being printed, I had already proposed to my wife, and at the time of the party, we were already married—no one knew it though. It was a total surprise. We shocked our friends, and it was the time of our lives. Around 120 friends and family were on hand to enjoy a surprise wedding reception that they didn't see coming, but got to enjoy all the same. This will be talked about f or years to come. It was the best day of my life. This flyer was a small, but very important part of the puzzle, and like most things that you design for yourself, took way more time than it probably looks. One important thing about this flyer is, yes, I do have a logo for my marriage. Why wouldn't I have a logo for my marriage?